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Just a little update...

Heya, all!

Ok, during this week i came up with totally new vision of the site, so next week, i'll start working on it. Until then, i'll add new quotes and maybe some new pages, but we'll have major break-trough soon.

Yeah, i still remember i have to continue my last blog and that will probably happen after the holidays. I'm not so sure what we are celebrating but any reason to have little rest is GREAT!

Ok, way to tired right now to write more. Not really in the mood too as i decided to leave one love i held for so long and now i'm little dizzy. A new beginning as i already said elsewhere. Bye bye bye!

Btw, just watched "Fast Food Nation" and man! I hated fast food already but after this movie, i just can't stand it. I recommend it to everyone, cuz i think it's good crash with the reality.

New notebook-how wonderful!

Hello everyone!

I'm just back from my GRB for students presentation and i'm still filled with the eagerness of the young minds. It was great feeling, although I could do it better. But let's not get in details.

So, i have new notebook, and i'm quite proud of it, cuz a month ago, it would be unthinkable for me that i'll have one so soon. But again- you never know.

So, religion vs. science- part one.

I'm a scientist, obviously and as such i get to see the awe in other people 's eyes quite often. You say: "Hello, my name is Denitsa, i'm a physicist" and they go: "oh, reallyyyy". I don't mind it, cuz it feeds my ego, but in meantime, why should it be this way? Why should science be considered any different from any other profession?

I mean, in the end, we do what everybody does-find something that we're interested in and start studying it, examining it until we feel satisfied and move on. Isn't it what we all do all the time-meet someone, get to know him/her, have a good time, then eventually move on. Nothing big or unbelievable. But people do get surprised and often they are kind of scared.

I have this strong conviction that one can achieve anything with the right motivation and enough time and will. Which means that first: everyone can be a scientist , two: science is no different from programming or teaching or sawing- just a way to live and to get to know our world.

Which brings me on the next question. Some people tend to consider scientists as evil, as torturers of the mother Nature. So WRONG! All we do is study our Reality, our Universe, its principles and laws. Isn't it what people do every day? What's the difference between say a financist studying the trends of market and thinking of a way to use them and a physicist that study the elementary particles and wonder how they can be used in our everyday life. Or like a farmer who discovers how to grow special plants or cattle. Or like an artist who creates new things. We all learn how to manipulate our reality, to change it and modify it the way we like it.

My utter belief is that people born on this planet in order to learn how to create things, to bring ideas to existence and life. So if that's true, then physicists are no less a truth seekers than the spiritual people or any other person. Life is a mystery and everyday is a new challenge. We learn new things, we try new ways and when we finally create something- we know more and we can do more. Which is the point of life!

So, i hope this little introduction in the subject helps you see thing in different light. None is evil unless he/she wants to hurt someone else. If all we do is create and make the world better, how can anyone deny us that possibility?!

And that's what scientist presumably should do. Help make the world better.

In the next part- what science did for us and what we did for the science- the two sides of one path.

Some important news...

Eurostar trains to go carbon neutral
LONDON (AFP) - The high-speed Eurostar trains linking London with Paris and Brussels will be carbon neutral from November, the company said Tuesday, claiming a world first.
Train operator Eurostar also said it would reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent per traveller journey by 2012 as part of its bid to go green.

Chocolate gives people more of a buzz than passionate kisses
LONDON (AFP) - British researchers said Monday they were stunned to discover that people get more of a buzz from eating chocolate than passionately kissing their lovers.
"These results really surprised and intrigued us," said psychologist David Lewis, who led a study that recorded brain activity and heart rate from volunteers who tasted pieces of dark chocolate or kissed their partners.
The study found that -- at the point chocolate melts in the mouth -- all areas of the brain are stimulated far more intensely and for longer than from from kissing.
Both sexes showed the same responses in the tests.

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?
Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious
'colony collapse' of bees.
They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile
phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more
bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world - the abrupt
disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops. Late last week, some
bee-keepers claimed that the phenomenon - which started in the US, then
spread to continental Europe - was beginning to hit Britain as well.

You never know...

Here we go again...
I got so many out of these few days, i wonder where to start...

So first at all, i added the Quotes section, which i hope you'll appreciate. I'll try to put there all significant things i hear, so that other people may enjoy them too. I know there's nothing new, the idea is not to have something new, but to know the old and then find out one for yourself. For now these will be mainly spiritual ones, maybe one day, i'll add other types.

Anyway. What i wanted to say was something else.

I'm so amazed by the way our world introduce us to great new experiences in quite unexpected ways. No, i didn't win the lottery, though i certainly would like that.
What happened was that I had to work on a project and though the project so far goes to hell, what came out of it is that my need for something kind of expensive for me was so great, i had to find a way to buy it And so i did it.
The great thing about it is how necessity overwrote all my arguments and problems and came up with a way to give me the thing.
If only i could convince myself i need 10 billions € really bad. How cool that would be.

I find it quite inspirational the way thoughts manifest on our world. I think it's what we're here to learn- how to manifest our desires. So even when this project failed, despite all my efforts, i got out of it with a great gift. How nice!
The moral? Always look for the pleasant surprise! There's always one.

Ok, over for today. And Happy April! Lilac is blossoming all over, love is in the air, so don't stay home more than necessary. Enjoy the spring, because it's gonna be a cruel summer...
And next time- religion vs. science- the battle will begin.
Love all,

Today i had extraordinary experiences and i so wanted to share them with you...

First of all, i went to see exotic snakes exposition, i made pictures with a piton and uh, another one, i put them on myspace for anyone to see them.
It was simply amazing...they were so soft and pretty.
I saw all 4 kind of mambas- though the black is most dangerous, i liked best the green, tree mamba. It was so alive and full of death. I just imagined myself walking in the jungles of Africa, watching all those beautiful trees and suddenly meeting that green mamba face to face. WoW!
Seriously, it was great!

Second of all, i watched great seminar on simulation of early Universe and it was so inspirational. They had early structures from vacuum fluctuation, they had radiation, they had the prettiest movies i've ever seen. It's breath taking to see what was in the very beginning. Marvelous...

Third, i saw the room where our brand new computer cluster will be and it was painted PINK! Not pink like baby pink but like brilliant pink!How cool is that! I love that color and i totally loved the room. Adorable...

And last, i saw the first lilac blossoming (my absolutely favorite it a flower, or a tree? anyway )and then we had great time with my doggy and so...i'm HAPPY!

How little is it needed to feel great! I wish you all to have great day and enjoy your time, cuz it's all we got for ourselves.

I don't plan this blog to become a diary, but today i'm so emotional...As i run out of adjective, i'm off at that subject.
Hm, i'll share only one more thing about the link from yesterday about LHC.

Under the article about the explosion i saw the following comment:
"Why do you physicist want to recreate the Big Bang, isn't it enough to open the Bible?! There everything is explained."

So, i have to say, i'm quite spiritual myself, but to claim the Bible can replace the science, it's ridiculous and quite dangerous. I hope whoever comes to read that, take the time to think about that question. I might elaborate on the next blog too, as i feel, it's not right to confuse religion and science and people should realize that. Yep, the next blog will be about that.
Now, bye and have great day!

The beginning...

his is my first post in this project, so it's gonna be more or less typical.
I'm happy to start this site and try to make it to live and flourish. I hope we can make it real together. It's so exciting to have the chance to help people.
The feeling when you have an idea and then you start working on it and then you see it comes true is unbelievable. The CREATION! Of course, we're all creators by definition, but we rarely have notice it in our everyday life.
So, this was my moment.
I think it's great that it coincide with the third day of Easter. It's definitely a good sign.
One more thing i'd like to share here, not so positive but :
LHC is the greatest project in particle physics, it was meant to solve many mysteries and now this....i just can't say how much i sorry to read that.
I hope if the malfunction was made on purpose those people get what deserve in every court from here to the end of the World.
Oh well, life...

Anyway, it was great to share with you some thoughts i hope i do it again soon. Until then, enjoy your time and remember "Live with passion" ( for those who know what i'm referring to...)

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