Europe against GMO crops! Please, sign the Avaaz petition!
I already did. It's us who decide, not Monsanto!!!

A great event to post about!!!
The 5 bulgarian nurses help prisoners in Libya are finally home!
I can't believe it happened but it did! Gosh i'm so happy for them. They deserved their happy ending after all that time spent in jail for nothing, after all the tortures and pain. I really can't stop myself from crying. Just a month ago, I saw the father of one of them on the TV saying "I'm not sure if I'll be alive to see her again" and he was so old and he cried. It broke my heart.

But finally they are here and it's simply amazing.
It's amazing what people can do when united. Before a year, nobody believed they will come home alive, things were so dark and now, they are home and safe and finally free to simply live.

One more thing I'd like to share is that I asked for help in the yahoo group where we do the Project Earth meditation
to help, because I thought only a miracle could help them. And that miracle happened!!!

So i'm writing here (same that I wrote to that group, because I believe we all helped more or less for that happy ending), to express my gratitude to anybody who sent
positive energy or even little wish that things will get better. It's
amazing what united positive thinking can do. And i'm not talking only
about this group. Don't remember if it happened before or after I
wrote, but medias and people in Bulgaria started the campaign "You are
not alone" which spread to the countries of EU and finally it involved
the EU and they helped our nurses.It's simply unbelivable. I'm off to
cry and be happy.

Hope you all have a great day. I know we helped, we made a difference,
because when i wrote the situation was really bad and now they are
home. So for those who had even a slight doubt, take this as a proof
that Earth gets better with our energy and love.
Below, it's the article form Yahoo for those who are interested.
We are not alone!

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
SOFIA, Bulgaria - Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor were
pardoned by President Georgi Parvanov upon their arrival in Sofia on
Tuesday after spending 8 1/2 years in prison in Libya.

The medics, who were sentenced to life in prison for allegedly
contaminating children with the AIDS virus, arrived on a plane with
French first lady Cecilia Sarkozy and the EU's commissioner for
foreign affairs, Benita Ferrero-Waldner.

The six came down the steps from the airplane and were welcomed on the
tarmac by family members who hugged them, one lifting the Palestinian
doctor off the ground.

They were given bouquets of flowers, and Bulgaria's president and
prime minister were on hand, greeting the nurses and Sarkozy, who had
been part of the delegation that negotiated the group's return.

"I waited so long for this moment," nurse Snezhana Dimitrova said
before falling in the arms of her loved ones.

Libya accused the six of deliberately infecting more than 400 Libyan
children with HIV. Fifty of the children died. The medics, jailed
since 1999, deny infecting the children and say their confessions were
extracted under torture.

The deal for the medics' release included measures to improve the
medical care of children with AIDS in Libya, the French presidential
palace said, without giving details.

"The return of the medics is a direct result of Bulgaria's membership
in the European Union, of the solidarity which the EU showed
Bulgaria," Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev said at the airport.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said Tuesday the
European Union could move to normalize trade and political ties with
Libya now that it has released the five Bulgarian nurses and
Palestinian doctor.

"We hope to go on further normalizing our relations with Libya, our
relations with Libya were in a large extent blocked by the
non-settlement of this medics issue," Barroso told reporters.

He said the 27-nation bloc could move to include Libya in regional
trade and aid ties with other Mediterranean countries.

In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy said he would travel to Libya on
Wednesday "to help Libya rejoin the international community." Sarkozy
said neither France nor the EU paid any money to Libya for the medics'

Foreign Minister Ivailo Kalfin announced after the medics' arrival
that President Parvanov had signed a decree to pardon the five nurses
and the Palestinian doctor, who was granted Bulgarian citizenship in June.

"Led by the firm conviction in the innocence of the Bulgarian citizens
sentenced in Libya and fulfilling his constitutional rights, the
President signed a decree for pardon and releases them of their
sentences," Kalfin said.

Bulgaria made an official request Thursday for Tripoli to repatriate
the medics to serve their sentences in Bulgaria. It granted
citizenship to the Palestinian doctor, Ashraf al-Hazouz, last month.


More interesting news...

Three-armed robot to work on space station
A three-armed robot that could autonomously clamber around the outside of the International Space Station and help astronauts with maintenance work has successfully completed a round of tests on the ground.

Eurobot is being developed for the European Space Agency (ESA) by an industrial consortium led by Thales Alenia Space, which is based in Cannes la Bocca, France.

It has three arms similar in size and strength to human arms. But Eurobot's arms boast seven joints, making them more versatile than human ones. Each arm is also equipped with a camera.
he robot may eventually be used for mundane tasks that the astronauts would otherwise need to do, such as putting away tools and equipment after maintenance jobs.

Although Eurobot can do some things autonomously, it can also be controlled remotely. This would allow an astronaut inside the space station to complete tasks outside its hull.
The model used for the tests has the same type of hand, ideal for grasping handrails, on each arm. Further work is under way to develop the version that will be flown on the space station. It will have three or four types of hands that can be mounted on the arms for different tasks.

Nanoparticles make cancer cells magnetic
Turning cancer cells into mini magnets by using nanoparticles could make biopsies so sensitive and efficient that there will be no need to repeat these invasive tests.

Biopsy results can be ambiguous: sometimes they can be negative simply because there are too few malignant cells in the sample to be detected - not because all trace of disease has gone. Now researchers from the University of New Mexico and the company Senior Scientific, both in Albuquerque, have come up with a solution that harnesses the power of magnetic attraction.

The idea is to use magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles encased in a biocompatible material. These in turn can be coated with antibodies that bind to chemicals found only in cancerous cells. When injected into the body, thousands of the particles stick to cancer cells, turning them into miniature magnets. The cells can then be drawn towards magnets encased in the tip of a biopsy needle

Sun's activity rules out link to global warming (!!!)

Direct satellite measurements of solar activity show it has been declining since the mid-1980s and cannot account for recent rises in global temperatures, according to new research.

The findings debunk an explanation for climate change that is often cited by people who are not convinced that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are causing the Earth's climate to warm.

Following a Council of Ministers stalemate, the Commission has announced that it will approve a genetically modified potato for use in industrial processes and livestock feed. NGOs have reacted critically, arguing that the safety of the new crop cannot be assured.

The EU has approved GMOs only on a handful of occasions, and a de-facto approval moratorium for approving new GMO crops has been in place since 1998, largely in response to NGO pressure and public concern about the potential health risks of GMOs.
BASF's potato

The potato in question is a blue variety that is used primarily for industrial starch production. Developed by German chemicals giant BASF, the potato is intended for use in the production of glossy magazine covers, for example.

In April 2004, BASF requested authorisation of the potato, and the Commission published a favorable decision in December 2006, following a scientific assessment by EFSA, which concluded that cultivation of the potato did not pose any "relevant" health risks.  

In addition to starch enhancing genes, the potato contains antibiotic-resistant marker genes (ARMGs).

Public health watchdogs and environmental NGOs are concerned that ARMGs might be transferred from plants to bacteria, thus rendering bacteria resistant to antibiotics and undermining the effectiveness of antibiotics for treating certain infections in humans.

Another concern is that if parts of the potato, such as skins and other non-starch parts, are also used to feed livestock (as requested by BASF), then the GMO would ultimately enter the food chain on a more widespread basis.

BASF intends to begin commercial cultivation of the potato in 2008, and is confident that the product presents no health risks. "EFSA has repeatedly stated that [it] is for humans, animals and the environment as safe as any conventional potato," the company stated.

Commission spokesperson Barbara Helferich assured journalists in Brussels on 16 July that the Commission is making "120% sure that this product is absolutely safe". "We will approve the potato," she said.

Greenpeace is calling for "an urgent review of EFSA's role in the authorisation of GMO's", arguing that the food safety body's authorisation process is flawed and, in this case, ignores a 2001 directive that mandates the phasing-out of antibiotic resistant marker genes by 2004.

Friends of the Earth Europe is sceptical: "The risk of contaminating future crops is ignored. As they grow underground, it is virtually impossible to harvest all potatoes from a crop. Potatoes therefore grow back the following years and future crops could be contaminated with the genetically modified variant."
my comment:
Read here:

  • Such an approval would ease the need to prevent any of the GM potatoes accidentially entering the food chain and also allow to use the waste from GM starch production in animal feed.

  • At this moment no GMO potatoes are grown world-wide. GM varieties developed by Monsanto to kill the Colorado beetle had been grown but were withdrawn from the market in the USA. BASF and others are presently testing potato varieties with resistance to phytophtera.

So much about EU independence of USA and standing for its beliefs. Once let in, GMo companies will start plaguing everythings. I'm not conservative or anything, but until now, risks and actual damage caused by GMo organismes and the companies producing them is much more than the advantages we gain from them (well, unless we count the profits for Monsanto et al. an advantage), so I personally prefer not eating them
 or eating something that ate them until we see clearer test results. 
I sincerely hope EU won't vote that.


Hi all!
For the past couple of days, i had great discussions in a forum i sincerely love and that made me sit down and think over the whole situation.
The conflict had two major causes- the one was the topic- whether it's normal to react on provocations such as cursing your familly with physical violence or it's better to walk off and be a better person. The other part was the great misunderstanding we all fell into.
So now, i'd like to share some thoughts on this, because it bothered me quite much. Maybe I'll write something on the violence later.

The main purpose of communication obviously is to give and receive information. But what happens if what we give is not what it is received and vice versa. This is so often the case, we're kind of used to it, but should it be this way and what we can do to change it.

Giving whatever, and information in particular is very deep process although we rarely consider it as such.
To give requires desire and will to share something, to let someone into you and show him/her how you feel about something. It's kind of intimate process, because often, sharing our opinion and talking out loud, we become vulnerable to other people. That's why some people prefer not to speak out- not because they don't have an opinion, but because they are affraid what the feedback will be. We are always so quick to call names and pronounce someone stupid or wrong, that we forget that person may have troubles expressing him/herself, may have painful personal memory on the issue which obscures his/her vision or make him/her overreact or that that person simply doesn't want to receive us in that particular time or on that problem.

I made that mistake and it cost me days of restlessness and anger. And pain I might add, because i can't feel good when i know i provoke negative feelings.

Yes, we assume people want to talk, when they start talking, but we rarely remember that they may not really want to. That maybe they are not clear in their hearts if that's issue is open for discussion or not.
The example: we were talking about sports accident that led to national griev and anger(Zidane vs. Materazzi/France-Italia World Cup finale).
I tried to argue, but that wasn't really an option. Because the pain was still too big. I doubt they realized it, but i did. And unfortunately, I didn't obey their desire not to talk,
even expressed in such heated manner. I thought i could talk it over. Talk it out, maybe.
But of course I couldn't. Sometimes perisistence is not a virtue, but insensitivity.

I never saw thing in hat light before... But!
What if this is the reason of so many fights and bad feelings- that the one side try to let the other in and the other want really bad to stay out, because if he/she enters, she/he'll have to face his/her own anger, pain and frustration. So if we call the wanting to share side Alice, the not wanting Bob and a neutral observer/or intruder Eve (yup, quantum computers notations), what happens: Alice want so desperately to give
her opinion, to explain herself, Bob is angry that someone wants to gets into his personal space and
change something he's not ready even to talk about, so he yells at Allice things, related to the topic,
but said more from anger than from logic. Alice yells back, because she wanted to talk and she received only agressive ignorance and irrational nonsense, but whatever she says, she meets the same stone wall and get hurt. She's mad and miserable and wants to hurt back.
At this time probably, Eve enters the scene and see two mad, yelling at each other people and take the side that looks nicer (or more vulnerable). Then we have great fight and many affected people for one simple reason- A wanted to share, B didn't wanted to receive, A felt misunderstood and low and starts being nasty, B felt offended and full of rightful agression (because when your mind is not ready to face something it hides, it's always full of rightful indignation) and treats A rather harshly, and E-well, E is angry on both sides and in the same, particularly mad on one of them which E tries to protect and often it makes wrong assumption about A and B.

Why this example? (beside because i suffered something like this :) )
Well, I came to think that really often this happen when people, esecially not really close ones start an argument on which one of the sides has personal experience. Not really close, because if you close to somebody, you're likely to know if he/she has a problem with someone, or at least know him/her enough to see something's wrong and to stop the argument on time. But if this happen with
just random people, you have no way knowing and you might as well get into huge fight.
I have been on the both sides-A and B- and I must say it's equally frustrating.
To be misunderstood is so hard and sad, to want to share and to not be able to get to the person, to not be able to express your real feeling and intentions and to be treated as a bad, agressive and offensive person is really painful.
Again, we probably have been on both sides and i'm sure everyone can think of such an occasion when he/she argued and it was like hitting the wall-painful but useless.

The moral here is simple always when entering a discussion consider if you or the other side(s) might have personal story with the issue, because if they(you) have, they(you) are likely to not act rationally, to be too defensive and the argument to turn into fight without a good reasons or end.

So if you really want to get to that person and talk, better do it in different time, in different state and really really slowly and carefully. Because when you touch a painful string and it starts vibrating, you cannot communicate. You can only yell and get mad and feel misunderstood.
Better give the person the time to recover and start again in different manner.

As someone smarter has said-In any communications, you either get a loving response or a cry for help. Mostly the second.

I think for me, this meant that sometimes people don't want to talk or get convinced and that I have to respect their right not to listen to me. Cuz if I persist, I lose their respect and their desire to talk to me at all. Mine too...

P.S. Make sure you check my site, as it has gorgeous new design and template, and there will be new articles on meditation and lucid dreams soon. Click HERE if you don't remember (or see around) the URL. Btw, new URL will be coming soon.

The end :)

Yep, this was officially the end of my exams as a student. What's left now is to do my thesys and enter the science as a scientist

It was a surprising path to take, but I loved it. It's so weird how time passes. When I started at the university, every exam session was such a pain, I was so scared. And now, the exams are barely a nuissance to pass between the other things.

Unfortunately, i wasn't able to finish my thesys on time, but then, this is a chance to do the work even better. It will be so awesome to present it and even to publish an article. I'm so excited. But for now, I'm planning just to relax and enjoy the summer.

Btw, expect HUGE update as now, I'll finally have the time to put in action my BIG project. Let's see what will come out of this, but I bet it will be pretty good, aay.

Bye for now and all best to all the searching souls. Please check the quotes section as it gets bigger and bigger and there are some quite good ones.

All best, see you soon.

And happy holiday to France.

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