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Ok, hi all...

For a long time i was thrilled by the question, how come so many civilisations valued gold to such extent, they did amazing stunts to obtain it and put even more efforts to learn to process it.

And today, i got an insight. It's actually quite simple, but in all the discussion i had about it, no one mentioned it and for me it was a mystery. I mean, yeah, it's pretty, it can be a symbol of longetivity, of immortality, but it looked too complicated for a tribal chief to come up with something like this. I wanted to see it trough his eyes and understand his feelings, but i failed, because it's way to inter-connected in our culture. We consider it valuable, because it has always been valuable for us. But everything has its origin and that's what i wanted to find.

I've read about that PRECIOUS gold in sumerian texts, spiritual texts, seen it on gold armour from before 5000 years and great traki ornaments did with such skill that it's still unbelievable they did it on hand, and so on... so it certainly made me curious, all right. And so, i asked here and there, but never asked myself.

Gold is so loved, because it's considered condensed light. And what more precious on our planet than sunlight. See! Really simple! Its latin name is "Aurum"- if i ever bothered to check what Au meant, i'd know. Anyway. I'm amazed, cuz something so obvious was hidden from me for so long.

Did you know according some yoga practices, the best exercise for our eyes is to watch the sun unprotected, because the eyes are made to watch and see sunlight. Now, BEWARE- it's about watching it from few seconds to a minute, an hour before sunset and/or after sunrise, when the sun is most unharmful. Don't just do it at noon, cuz you can very well get yourself blind. You're warned. Anyway, one is supposed to start with few seconds with closed eyes, directing them at the sun and when one is comfortable with that, to open them for a moment and close them and put them in absolute darkness for double that time and so on. I did it with closed eyes and it felt amazing!

What i want to say is that GOLD=SUNLIGHT! Wow! For me, this is great insight. I kind of always underestimated gold, because it was a symbol of human vanity, but now, i completely changed my mind. Now, for me, gold is pretty. It's beautiful, just as our precious Sun is.

So, everyone, you're informed! Cheers! And have a great day!


Today is raining cats and dogs. And frogs. But without hogs...unfortunately...
Just kidding, i love the rain. And i slept most of the time anyway.

This is my first post in this site and i wonder what it's gonna be. You never know before it's over. But i'll try to keep it simple.
One thing i wonder is whether to import my older blogs or just leave the link here.
For now here is the link:

Maybe i have to explain the blog title : After the pink goat...
I guess you'll all get the main reference to Alice's white rabbit. What you won't get is the goat. And why it is pink.

The pink is easy- it's my favorite colour. And it's a symbol of the pure and drooling madness in which i'd like to drown you.
The other blog is spiritual. It's educational. It's meant to make you think and see the world for yourself.
This one will be it's completion. Life can't be too serious and blogs even less.
So what i'm gonna do is try my best to be fun or to have fun, whatever comes first. And you can enjoy it while it last :)
Supporting my idea of pink, i'd tell what Kim told me few days ago about Pink concert where they had blow-up dolls with pink vaginas. How cool is that! No, how pink is that :) Anyway, i can see the dolls in my mental eye so well. Screaming fans, loud music and those plastic "abominations" of human fantasy swaying happily and showing their pretty pink pussies. Like plastic clowns smiles, just with the wrong lips. Or the right, who knows. And the word "Abomination" from my lips shouldn't be read in "Dune-ish", maybe in Emanuela's style. Whatever.

Now, let's go to the goats. Sooooooooooooo....
I love goats. You wanna know why? I won't say that they are the cutest, smartest and greatest animals on Earth as they hardly are and it's a matter of taste anyway. But!
One friend once told me how she met one goat and she started running, because the goat gave her a crazy look and chased her and she got so scared. I laughed, cuz the goats are the most not-dangerous animal i know, especially when you're wearing shoes and no bread-related snaks in your hands, but then i watched our goats more closely.

Goats are crazy, you know! And they certainly can give crazy stare. I mean, those yellow eyes, they are absolutely non-sense. They show no emotions, no fear. They are always the same. Ok, not quite truth- they can be fearful or scary or curious or funny. The point is they are everything. It's like watching a robot in the eyes- you can see what you want, but only because you want it. Goats are not thankful. They require you to take care of them. They are proud. And they are stubborn and irrational. They'd never do what you want- they'll do it if they want it and when they want it. No point of arguing, because it won't matter. No point of beating them, because all you'll get is really sad eyes and guilt and no result.

Goats are incredible. Have you seen an old goat? I have not. They just don't get older the way we do- they stay the same and then either someone kills them or they just die. It's again all their bussiness.

Have you seen young goat? It's like the light is gone material. They are bright, they are naughty, the world is theirs. The can walk an hour after they are born and they run and jump on the second day. Their legs are still not solid enough, but it doesn't matter, they jump and fall and again. I won't describe them- this should be seen. And how cute they are...
And the way they are so complete in theirselves. She'll stay outside, watching and it will be enough. She won't sleep like the dogs or cats. She'll just stay and watch everything for hours.
Btw, have you seen asleep goat? I have not! I've been to see them at 3-4 am and they are always awake. A mystery!
And they are always so friendly and curious and ready to do something naughty and absurdly funny.

So, my "After the pink goat" blog will be like this- odd, crazy, self-sufficient and meant to make people laugh. Or at least me. So i give you my "Ha ha" and off for now.
See ya.

Btw, if you want to see pix of my favorite goats- you can see my myspace profile, i have plenty of them.

Sleepy but happy!

Yes, the title says it all.

Today- a great day. Yep, we suffered losses recently ( like the new French president, Nicolas Sarkozy-as i said already- hate to see how hatred prevails ), but great things happenned too.

I came to realize, there's no better time than now. I mean, the past so gone, the future so full of unsecurity, and now- the crossing point of all the possibilities and expectance. Every moment- full of surprises and great new ways to have fun.

"Past does not equal the future"! I heard that on very popular self-improvement course and it had amazing effect on me. Not immediately, as such things pass trough the ears and disperce in the busy day, but as time goes by, it manifested over and over again. It's actually quite logical and absolutely non-original, but how rarely one has the time or the desire to sit and think for a minute, how precious gift is the unknown. And how stupid we are to fear it the way we do. I mean, if we don't know what we'll happen anyway, why should we fear the worst? Of course, it's good to consider all possibilities and to figure out a way out of them, just to be sure, but why spending on that all your time?

Few lines of a song:

"Don't change a thing
You're perfect as you are
Time has a way
Time is all I've got"

How true! Time is all we've got. If the time stops, our brains stop, everything stops. Life is a currence, it never stops, always changes and recreates itself in all possible and impossible forms and directions. If we try to stop it, we kill it. And the worst or the best is that we never know how much time we have left.

In any case time is very odd matter. In physics, time is chosen so that the physics looks maximally simple. Yeah, but that doesn't answer what time really is. Does it exist? Yes, we measure it by the change in certain things and we call them clocks. So, does the time measures change? If there's no change, does time exist? We know how subjective time is, but how much for real? Some people claim to be able to manipulate it in a way. Then, did they like slow down the time of everybody everywhere? I doubt that's possible, because we all have our time. But if you manage to come on time, when you're really late, then, what? Your time was normal, his/hers time was normal, where the difference comes from?

It doesn't matter actually. The point is that, today, at this present moment we are. And the most funny part of it is that we never know what could happen next. A phone call from loved one, an earthquake, a knock on the door, a stroke? Who knows...

So, if you're positive, it's so exciting to watch how new and great things happen all the time. New, long-waited song, super-interesting task, super- fun new friend, great new car on the street- anything and everything.

I'm so inspired, so excited. Who knows what great things future will bring. Lol, not always good, but sometimes food :) Yep, i may sound kind of high and i am, kind of, but it's because yesterday, i made that cool chocolate cake and it really made my day. Yeah, and saw the cool black ferrari parked near me. And so on. Of course, one can't be happy all the time, but better look for reasons to smile, than to cry. You can find both of them, so why not the more pleasant one.

Love all,


P.S. Yeah, i know i have to write something and i will, just be patient.

P.S.P.S. Don't even remember what i wanted to say in the beginning. But i'm glad i found the time to share my chaotic thoughts with you.

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