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When life begins???

I read that article in NewScientist about a vote, are embryos humans and when human life begins.
Below is what I wrote as a comment under the article.

And my question for you is when do you think human life begins and how do you define humans?

Obviously when life begins and when human life begins are two DISTINCT categories. Life begins when you have a living cell that starts dividing. Human life however implies the existence of a human. Can a human be defined by 1, 2 or 20 cells? NO! If it could every egg or sperm would be half a human and every pregnancy that ends in the first 4 weeks would require a funeral. In order to have a human, I think that requirement number one is to have a BRAIN. Our brain is where our personality resides and without a brain, no matter how working, you cannot have a personality. That would mean that yes, brain damaged people are humans and no, brain-dead people are no longer living humans. And obviously then, a human can be defined only from that point on, when the little creatures has a brain, before that it's simply a body in development, an empty shell. And as much as we all can regret for every such shell being destroyed, I think that it's up to the parents and especially the mother, to decide whether that shell should reach a human-sustainable form or not.

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