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I so much wanted to blog about something different today, but unfortunately, there's nothing else. Because there's another war and oddly enough, not another drama.
Yes, I talk about Libya. I talk about the no-single-soldier-on-the-field and this no-war, which surprisingly gets such a positive media-coverage. Or maybe not so surprisingly. The media people seem to think that this war is absolutely justified, very righteous and somehow very clean. And all this, for reasons that completely escape my mind.
Do I think Qaddafi should go? Yes, I do. Do I approve military actions against him in the actual case? No. And I'm very firm on why not.
Actually it all revolves around one very simple question. Why the military actions are so late? The revolution happened and then it was over. The regime fought protesters and then it was over. And all the suddenly, when Qaddafi told Sarkozy he has to return all the money he took for his presidential campaign, France jumped in its fighter jets and decided to protect the "civilians". What civilians? As someone asked "do they have some smart missiles that will kill only military personnel"? And anyway, in a regime like this in Libya, how many of those military people actually deserve to die? Because what you expect from the military is to follow orders. Some of those who were sent to kill civilians said "no" and ran away. But more recently, they are no longer sent to fight not-armed innocent people. They are sent to fight very well-armed and very well-financed protesters. So how do they count for civilians? And how do they differ from the Talibans in Afghanistan which US army obviously have a license to kill. I'm in no way defending the Talibans, by the way, I just make an analogy.
So in short, for some unknown to me reasons, the Alliance forces decided to bomb a sovereign country, acting against the opposition of few countries - notably Germany, Turkey and Russia. And yet, no journalist asks that simple question - why. In a civil war, how do you take a side! And why?! Is it just because the one is rich and ruled the country for decades and the others did not? Or is there any other reason? More economical reason. Like the somewhat odd economical climate in Libya that depends always on Qaddafi's whims (or those of his children).
I'm absolutely convinced that this particular war has absolutely no military or even civil justification. It's all for the money. And they are quite a lot of money. As Mr. Putin called it - it's a crusade. It happens for precisely the same reasons as a crusade and it is justified in precisely the same way. We didn't change much in few centuries, did we?

What bothers me is that while previous wars were severely questioned by journalists, this war has no similar problems. It's clean, as I said. Nobody questions how some country will have the right to destroy all the air defenses of another country and how this defenseless country will proceed if after this jolly little war, some third country attacks it. Why, such things do not happen in our world. Or do they? Wait, they already happen. But that's out of question. I guess the much bigger question is who will get paid to rebuild those air-defenses. Probably France, which so happily bombs Libyan targets.
You get the picture. There are many questions that nobody answers. You will say - they do it for the people. Which people?! This is a civil war, in a civil war you have two groups (or more) who fight each other. There's no absolute basis of deciding which part of the people deserves to win. I mean what do those protesters offer? Nothing. Their only goal is to take down Qaddafi. So far so good, I don't oppose that. He's ruling way too long anyway, and he has many sins. The question is - what next! What do those protesters plan to do, what reforms, what changes. Do they have any plan at all? And will you trust the future of your country to a group of people who were financed by unknown people, armed by unknown people and then defended by very known people. How do you guarantee that group will work for the national interests and not for other interests. And in Libya, there are many interesting things. Mostly in the form of oil.
These are my question. And I'm very sad to see the world focus on Libya instead of helping Japan to overcome the earthquake and tsunami damages. Because people in Japan do need our help, yet we prefer to fly our fighters to a closer location. What a shame for us. And how sad for both Japan and Libyan people, who are deprived of any real help in time critical for them both. Because don't be fooled - Libyan people won't get richer or happier merely by the fall of Qaddafi. There is a long way that should be walked before each Arab nation can enjoy democracy in a meaningful way. And this process is usually not a very pleasant one.
And finally I really really need to ask, why USA is not against royal family in Saudi Arabia? Why nobody supports protesters in Yemen and Bahrain?! Oh, yeah, national security. US national security. Because oil is part of national security. Which means as long as oil is in secure and dependable hands, it doesn't matter if it's democracy, monarchy or tyranny. National security before all. Right? What a world we live in!
Below, you can see some quotes from NYTimes, that are related to my own questions. And at the bottom - a link for the Egyptian referendum which actually empowers the Muslim Brotherhood instead of any real political and democratic party. How about that!
Have a great day.
What is happening in Libya differs from the aim of imposing a no-fly zone, and what we want is the protection of civilians and not the bombardment of more civilians,” said Mr. Moussa, who is also a candidate for Egypt’s presidency, as he called for an emergency Arab League meeting." Sarkozy Puts France at Vanguard of West’s War Effort
U.S.-Led Assault Nears Goal in Libya :
"At the United Nations, the Security Council rejected a request from Libya for a meeting to discuss the situation.
The targets included radar installations, fixed and mobile antiaircraft sites, Libyan aircraft and hangars, and other targets intended to make it safe for allied aircraft to impose the no-fly zone. They also included tanks and other ground forces engaged with the rebels around the country, reflecting the broader aim of pushing Colonel Qadaffi’s forces to withdraw from disputed cities. Communications centers and at least one Scud missile site were also struck. 
General Ham also said he had “full authority” to attack the regime’s forces if they refused to comply with President Obama’s demands that they pull back from Ajdabiya, Misurata and Zawiya. "
Egyptian Voters Approve Constitutional Changes - "Members of the liberal wing of Egyptian politics mostly opposed the measure, saying that they lacked time to form effective political organizations. They said early elections would benefit the Brotherhood and the old governing party, which they warned would seek to write a constitution that centralizes power, much like the old one."

First, I would like to express my personal deepest sympathy with all the victims in Japan and all the people there who are still suffering, trying to get their lives back to normal. Because this earthquake was a megaquake. It was HUGE. It was so big, it's hard to imagine. Yet, Japan withstood the quake and survived it. What it couldn't survive was the tsunami. And even worst, it has to survive the nuclear crisis, which looks so imminent. I wish them everything best and I hope the whole world will join such wishes. won't happen only with wishes.
What I want to ask, and I will be absurdly brief about it, is where the fuck is the world?! Where is the help for Japan? Where are the international rescue teams, where is the gasoline, the food, the water and mostly, the technology needed for them to try to fix those reactors?
We hear on the news 24 hours a day how bad is the situation, how much radiation is going in the air, how different national and international agencies meet to discuss the security of various nuclear plans. But we don't hear anything, ANYTHING, about the international help for Japan. The same country which will have to bury probably more than 10 000 people. And in the same time, to try to limit the damage from not 1 but 3 nuclear plants. HOW?!
Seriously, how they are supposed to do that? I don't know whose fault is the lack of international aid - is it of Japan for not accepting it or of other countries for not offering it, but I think this is one of the worst crisis on our planet. And it's not an economical crisis, it's a crisis of the soul. It's a crisis of the great country called USA, the leader of the world, who didn't send planes, choppers or mostly drones to Japan so that they could pour the water over the reactor even when the radiation was the worst. It's also of Russia, who has experience with the Chernobil accident who know very well how to deal with such situation. It's also of France who produces nuclear plants for the whole world, but didn't sens a team of people to try to fix the Japan plant. It's of everyone else, for being preoccupied with their own safety and well-being and not with the help for those poor people who happen to be the second debt-holder of the world.
Is it on purpose? Are they trying to get Japan broke? I don't know. But I'm so ashamed of the situation. Because after all, we all will be affected if those reactors explode. The radiation won't just disappear somewhere over China, it will go to USA, it will go to China and Russia, it will go everywhere. And then we all will be radiated to certain extent. So this is a problem of everyone. Yet, the only people who risk their lives are the Japanese. The only people who suffer are the Japanese. The rest of the world is watching and commenting. And even making threats. Nice, huh? What kind of world is this? Do you really like it?

"There is enough food, but no fuel or gasoline," said Yuko Niuma, 46, as she stood looking out over Ofunato harbor, where trawlers were flipped on their sides.

Do you know how those people live without electricity? Without basic commodities? Why nobody cares? Germany sent financial help?! To a country that actually lend them money!!! They don't need money, they need the goods. Yet, nobody tells anything about that. We're all quite. Because when the nuclear plant is Russian, it's ok, it's far, it's their problem (and of half Europe), we can point the finger and simply enjoy the show. When it's Japanese, which is kind of closer, we get aggressive and angry.  But we don't get even a bit more helpful.

"I don't know any other way to say it, but this is like suicide fighters in a war," said Keiichi Nakagawa, associate professor of the Department of Radiology at University of Tokyo Hospitalsource

This is about the group of people who try to cool the reactors. They are probably already irradiated past any safety. Yet, they go and do their work. Because that is what human spirit is about - risking for the sake of others. But somehow the very brave big brothers of the world don't get it. They just like to watch. And make statements. I can do that too. And I do it. But unfortunately that won't help Japan. Neither the world. And I'm so sorry about it. So damn sorry.

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