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Hi all,
Although I usually defend people's and nation's right to evolve at their own pace, I think in the case of Somalia, some action is badly needed. We speak of tens of thousands of human lives, wasted because the UN security counsel is too busy wondering what next country to bomb. But that's a distraction.

The important point is that people are dying. The situation was very grave a month ago, but now, it's not much better. We speak of people who for decades now are doomed to starvation and diseases which normal world had eliminated. And those people have no chance, no hope and no dreams. Why shouldn't they have the right to exist and prosper? Because someone decided it's great for the business in Africa to have chaos, poverty and misery. Is this fair? How much more Africa should be robbed by Western people (and soon also by Eastern people), and how much longer we can pretend that it's not our fault, that it's not us which are to blame for their misery? We are to blame. We, the people robbing Africa's treasuries - gold, diamonds and ores, or allowing our fellows to do it, or voting for those selling guns to the tribes to continue the chaos and the pain, it's our fault. And it's about time we all start helping.
So I write here to ask people who care, to pray for a qualitative improvement of the situation, to send energy, meditate, ask their representative in the ruling body of the country, donate or participate in organizations or do whatever else you figure it might help, so that those lives would be saved and that Africa will escape the horror that the famine is unleashing and the situation will improve. If you go for the spiritual help, please focus on general stuff, like saving lives in the best and quickest way possible, rather than on specific solutions, but that's, of course, up to everyone to decide. The point is to help those people survive.

If anyone wants to help, whether spiritually, or socially, please do so. Because dying from FAMINE in the 21st century is an offense towards our civilization as a whole. And it's unbelievable that politicians think it's right to bomb anyone to "defend democracy", but they are "helpless" when it comes to thousands of dying children. I hope that if enough people talk about it, if enough people ask for action, if enough people send their energy in direction of helping those people, the situation may change in a positive direction.

Here's some news excerpt sfor those who need information:

Famine could kill 400,000 Somali children: Britain
Britain said on Wednesday that hundreds of thousands of children could starve to death in Somalia if the international community did not ramp up its response to the famine there.
Britain has already pledged more than 80 million pounds (US$130-million) to help tackle what aid agencies are calling the worst drought in decades to hit Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

WHO decries increasing cholera cases in southern Somalia - The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday decried increased number of confirmed cholera cases in the Somalian capital Mogadishu, and growing reports of acute watery diarrhea in Kismayo and other crowded urban centers, saying an urgent multi-sector response to contain the spread of this highly contagious disease is being mounted.

Somalis Waste Away as Insurgents Block Escape From Famine
"The Shabab Islamist insurgent group, which controls much of southern Somalia, is blocking starving people from fleeing the country and setting up a cantonment camp where it is imprisoning displaced people who were trying to escape Shabab territory.
The situation is growing bleaker by the day, with tens of thousands of Somalis already dead and more than 500,000 children on the brink of starvation. " (NY Times)

Peace to all,

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