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I have rarely felt more disgusted than after watching the yesterday's news. You know, you read titles as "Gaddafi killed in hometown, Libya eyes future" and you think oh, well, people do die, especially in a war. But then you turn on the TV and you see Gaddafi still breathing, then they tell you he's dead and at that moment, you remember that two days ago, Hillary Clinton said that the USA wanted Gaddafi caught - dead or alive (source). And then, there is the horrible "WOW" with which she reacted to the news he's dead! (source)

WOW! WOW?! WOW???????????????????

What's wrong with you people! You can't say Wow to the news that somebody has been killed. You remember the story with Osama bin Laden, how the president ordered an operation to kill him, how they all gathered in a room to watch the video-feed from the murder?! Does this sounds normal?

Ok. Osama bin Laden was an enemy of the state and he probably knew this is coming to him one day. I don't feel sorry about him, though I feel sorry about the thousands who celebrated his death. But colonel Gaddafi wasn't an enemy of the state. Should I remind you how many deals the USA made with him, how the same lady, Hillary Clinton, met him and smiled and they talked and stuff?! The same one, that now said a happy WOW.

It's not that he was a very nice person. He wasn't, and as a Bulgarian, I have national reasons to hate him. But he was a person. And that person asked not to be killed, he surrendered (source), but was shot anyway. Because these were the orders. The orders by the USA.

Don't you feel ashamed? I do. I feel terribly ashamed by what's happening in the world. For a second time, the USA kills someone they decided an enemy, just like that. Like it's nothing. Like it's normal. And we don't talk about casualties in a war, we talk about cold-blooded murder. Videotaped (if not even streamed directly) and then shown to the world. Times and times again. So that everyone knows, that when someone becomes a nuisance to the USA, they will take care of it.

You know what's the most disgusting? That the person who gave those orders, got a Nobel Price for Peace. FOR PEACE! And he decided to work for peace by seeding wars, by killing people and then showing them on the tv, as this is something to be proud of. Americans, I'm sorry for you. I'm ashamed for you. Because that's your president. You chose him, you voted him confidence, only because of the color of his skin, and now, you are just as guilty in man-slaughter as he is. I'm not saying that the other candidates were better, I'm only saying that this person is a killer. Maybe it's not him, maybe it's the time. But for me it doesn't matter. In civilized world, there is no death-penalty. What USA is doing lately, are public executions.

Osama bin Laden had to go, that's clear. He was a public enemy, he probably knew too much, he wasn't someone to put on a trial. I can understand that, even if I find the media-stunt that followed his killing absolutely horrible. But what about Gaddafi? What about his sons? Is it normal to exterminate the whole family, because one of them no longer wants to cooperate? Is it normal to bring democracy, where you know very well it cannot exist and thus to drown a country into civil war with unknown duration, to ruin people lives, to shoot and bomb civilians, just because it's a crisis and you need a way to prove you're still the man. Not only this, but to try to go into a war with Iran ("To Isolate Iran, U.S. Presses Inspectors on Nuclear Data") after a very unconvincing and obviously unsuccessful plot on assassinating Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States? Did anyone bother to ask WHY? Why would Iranian hire Mexicans trough someone who everyone find untrustable, to kill an ambassador?! It makes absolutely no sense to me. True, Iranian president is kind of crazy, but THAT crazy?! Even a US senator saw the whole story as leading to war with Iran ("Sen. Dianne Feinstein: No War with Iran"). The question is why the US president so desperately wants to go into a war with Iran, which will alienate the USA from Russia and China and which will cause serious problems to China, Japan and South Korea which import oil from Iran. Is this the point? To oil prices to go up again, so that the oil produced in the USA can be sold better. Or is it just that the military industry needs some profit?

I am completely disgusted. Yesterday, I just stopped watching the news. That bad I felt about what's going on in this world. Why the USA have a license to kill? Why politicians around the world made deals with someone who they now claim to be so bad, and they felt good about it, and when they realised they need some billions, they froze his bank accounts and declared him a dictator? Like before, they didn't know what he is. Like they didn't make deals for billions with him. And now, they killed him and his children and then showed off on the TV his dead body? Not to mention that now in Libya even the young children are armed. What future will this country have? And why is nobody talking about it! Why it is so important that Sarkozy had a baby, but not that Libya will be in ruins because of him. Why is the USA wanting to go on war with Iran, but nobody cares about Syria's protesters, and nobody cares about Belorussian and Ukrainian dictators?

I don't have the illusion that we live in a good and fair world. But I had the illusion that people have some moral values left. That when a good, free person living in a democratic country, see a dead man on the TV, he or she will feel bad about it. That when those free people see that their government wants to go to a war with another nation, just because they don't have anything better to do, they will ask them to stop. Nothing like this happened! Nobody cared about the war in Libya (not actively at least), nobody reacted on the murder of Libyan ex-dictator or his family and nobody reacts to the war that is being prepared. Why?! People, wake up! We don't need wars. We don't need the USA policing the whole world. We don't need to watch murders. I don't say Gaddafi was innocent, but he had the right of a trial. Instead of requiring the new government to prove their democratic intentions by securing a fair trail (after which they would probably kill Gaddafi, since they have death-penalty), the US government said they want him dead. And dead he was.

That's not normal! The world we live in must be changed. But it cannot change unless people change. We need to choose what kind of life do we want to live - of fear, or of freedom. Because democracy is not a fundamental right, it is something to be earned, fought for and protected! And now we see that democracy is dead. Because protesters are being beaten and arrested, because foreigners to the US are considered non-humans and they can be killed at any time, at any point of the world, just because someone decided this way. Without judge and without a trial. And the USA used to be the world's leader. What anyone needs to understand is that if the USA has a license to kill, then so does any nation on this planet. And since USA is no longer the leader, very soon we can expect very serious implications from that behavior. You can see some hints of it in this article ("Coming Soon: The Drone Arms Race"). It is not a threat, it's a fact. And I'm writing this, because I don't want to live in that kind of world. I want to live in a better world, and I believe we can have this world if we are committed to it. Because people choose their rulers and not the other way around. Because if we are united, if we strive for perfection,for doing good and not evil, we may create a good world. A better world. And I don't mean religion here, I mean "Live and let the others live". I mean to find a way to coexist without killing each other. It is possible. In Europe, we had all those wars, now we have a Union. And no wars. At least for now and I hope - forever. Then it is possible. It's just question of common values, common goals and commitment to them. We can do it. We just have to want it enough.

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