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I already did. It's us who decide, not Monsanto!!!

Today I realised it's no longer possible to comment on youtube without using your real name. This made me think real hard how I can proceed from now on. Because the privacy repercussions are immense!

Google offers many, different services. Gmail has your whole professional and personal life, Adsense has your real name, address and bank details, Android has your exact location and specific apps, like health-related or even, your period tracker, everything! In short - Google has your whole life in your hands.

By linking your Google + account and your youtube account, it will give the final blow to any idea of privacy. If I link my accounts, all my friends and colleagues will know exactly what I watch, what things interest me, whether I watch gay-channels or alternative news channels or some health-related videos, what I think about them, what I like and so on. I don't want my friends to know this ! If or when I want it, I'll tell them, I'll share it and so on. But this has to be my choice! I don't want anyone googling my name to know what I think on politics! This is my private life, my constitutional right of political, religious and sexual freedom! If I have to share it with everyone, I will just create a second google account. I do not want and I won't share this information irrespectively with everyone I do or don't know!

In short, Google is very determined to force people into numerous fake identities, so that they can keep their real identity private! I read some nonsense comment on how this is done to curb the hate-comments. I find it quite impressive that someone actually buys this version. Google don't care about hate-comments or the quality of the comment. They care about their product. In the case - Google +, which for the moment is simply no competition for Facebook. And they believe, that by linking youtube with G+, they will promote G+. Well, let me tell you something. People won't start using G+ just because you forced them to. If you don't allow me to comment anonymously, I simply won't comment at all. And your precious youtube will lose activity, but also quality. Because haters and trolls have no problem creating 5 accounts and having a discussion with them. People who post normal, useful or informative comments do have such problem. I have no time to create new profile. If I do it, it will be from outrage. But you will lose from that, not me. Because I don't EARN from my comments and my blogs, you do!

Anonymity and privacy are not synonyms of occultism. People want to stay anonymous because they are not ready to share their opinion with everyone or prefer not to, because they don't have the time to argue. I've stopped myself from posting stuff on Facebook, because I know some of my friends are ready for a fight on this, and I don't feel like fighting. Why on Earth would you want to do that to youtube too?! Really sad.

And according to this poll, it seems like 99% of the people agree with me.  Oh, well.

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