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Abby Martin, a journalist I highly respect, published recently the following video dedicated to the immigrant crisis in Europe. I noticed how polarized are the comments below the video, so I decided to write a little something. 

I think the reason why people are so unhappy with her position is that it still comes from the point of view of the empire. Standing on the top, it's very difficult to notice the nuances on the bottom. Europe is not really "one place". In theory, it is a union of 28 sovereign counties, but in practice, it is an empire with Germany on top, followed by France, UK and Spain and the little ex-soviet countries like mine on the bottom. The common politics is more resembling a bickering among vassals under the careful eye of the Emperor than a democratic discussion among equals. Something which is probably difficult to see from the outside, say USA, but which is very clear from the inside. On top of that is the fact that the whole EU institution and apparatus serves one master and that is USA. It has long lost its independence, with brief glimpses of disagreement in very situations like the Snowden leak, even though technically even then, the EU landed the plane of the president Evo Moralez upon a request of the USA. So let's be realistic, there is no independence or free will when it comes to USA-EU relations.

For this reason, I think very little people in the EU will actually understand Abby's point. - that everybody, no matter where born, has the right to live and to look for a better life. This certainly is the humane point of view and I couldn't agree more. Civilisation should be for everyone, not only for those born on the right place. However, when in your fight for better life comes to the expense of the receiving country, the balance of what is right and wrong is not so straight-forward. Because even when those immigrants are actually refugees, it is a huge challenge to accommodate them in such numbers, when the continent is still in crisis and stagnation and unemployment is high. And especially when most of those refugees are males, aged 18-30 with very questionable background. And with very different understanding of what is socially acceptable.

Obviously, the immigrant wave today is a direct result of the disastrous politics of the USA and its "partners". In that, no one of us is actually innocent, because most of the EU countries are actively supporting the US in its reckless external politics. But how much the individual voice of a country matters on the EU scale is another issue. In most cases, smaller countries are bullied into agreeing with whatever the US decides with all the means possible - political, economic etc. The democracy is a myth - look at what is happening in Portugal now, and before that in Greece, Bulgaria etc. So while no one is really innocent, the guilt is not evenly spread.

And also the social strain is not evenly spread. The USA doesn't welcome any of those immigrants,even thought it holds the biggest responsibility for what is happening. The EU came with the idea of "solidarity" and quotas, but what solidarity when the standards of living in the EU are not equal?

For example the salary of a social worker in Bulgaria is 190 euro/month (with about 10x in Spain). The money for social activities are proportional. The living conditions that can be offered to the newcomers are extremely poor and no wonder, nobody actually wants to stay here. But the EU quota will send around 1500 people here, against their will, claiming this is solidarity? Well, it is not. It is not right neither for the immigrants, who are moved around like sacks of potatoes, to a place where they clearly don't want to stay nor live, nor it is right for the locals who need to provide care on a European level when their own standard of living is nowhere near the EU level. How can Bulgaria give say 600 euro per immigrant, when the minimal salary is 160 euro? And is this fair toward the retired people in the country with average pension of 140 euro? And how can we expect from anyone to be humane and good and well-coming when nobody asked of his/her opinion on any of those war, nobody even asks him of how the country should be ruled, because when the EU is not happy with the government, it just freeze the EU money until a new one gets elected. What is democratic about all that? The refugees run from bombs, but they don't want to stay in a devastated country. They want to live in Germany. I think that's ok for everyone. Because Germany, France, UK were who decided and convinced everyone to follow the USA in their wars. So they should take their responsibility. As for the rest of us, maybe next time ask us for our opinion?

The bottom line - the immigrants are a side-effect of the wrong economic model of the world - that of parasitism. The only way for rich nations to be rich under this model is if they are robbing the "poor" nations. It happens inside Europe (the division East-West and North-South), it happens on global scale. The players are always the same, the victims - whoever is available. So don't blame Europeans for not being humane, we came up with this model on the first place. :) And we apply it to our own member-states, so it's way too much to expect us not to apply it on far away countries. Even when they are not actually that far away. 

Maybe I should clarify, I do think immigrants should be treated in a humane way, which protects their dignity and rights. Because they are human being, they have the right to prosper. But instead of thinking how to accommodate them in already too densely populated Europe, maybe we should stop destroying their own countries. Maybe we should think of a way to ensure peace and prosperity for the whole planet and not only for the selected few which happen to be born in the right place in the right time.

Germanwings crash madness

First of all, my heart goes with all the people who lost a significant one on that flight. That could be each and every one of us - both as a victim and as a relative. In Europe, those flights are like taking the bus - so usual and unavoidable. So it is clear why everyone has been so concerned with the crash.
But there are couple of things, which I find insane and simply not fair.

1. In the past year, there were 2 big planes lost to most likely not-technical reasons. 
MH370 - disappeared on 8 March 2014 somewhere above South China Sea. There were plenty of theories but NOT ONE SINGLE evidence what happened to this flight. Most importantly, nobody in the official media asked how on Earth it is possible to lose a plane in such highly militarized area where there are plenty of big military bases which of course have powerful radars and satellites and pretty much they track and record everything that moves in the sky. Whatever happened, we would never know. But the most viable theory, that the plane was shot down because it stopped responding was never officially circulated. The relatives were left alone with their grief and nobody in Europe cared.
MH17 - crashed on 17 July 2014 in the air above Ukraine. Crashed is not exact term. It was shot down. SHOT DOWN! By whom is not that important (or clear for now), what is important is 1) why this plane (and all the others) was flying above a zone in a war, between parties, both armed with anti-air missiles. Why it was redirected to pass precisely above this zone and not to follow its usual route?
Also, although the black boxes were recovered and studied, although there were plenty of physical evidences on the ground, although there were even eye-witnesses, the official investigation has not provided a viable story. And there was an article recently, how the investigators made a video address to all the eventual witnesses who can prove the missile was Russian!!! WHAT THE FUCK?! One would expect the investigators to want to listen to all the witnesses and then to draw a conclusion on what actually happened! Not in this case. And almost one year later, we still don't know what happened to those people who basically fell on the ground from 11km altitude, when the plane disintegrated. Some of them, probably were alive while falling. Again, nobody cares about the relatives, nobody gives them an explanation, nobody claims responsibility. There is no closure for those people.

2. And then it comes the Germanwings tragedy:
 - in which the first black box was recovered and analyzed in ~24 hours.
 - in which the investigators searched the apartments of (only) the second pilot also in less than 24 hours.
 - in which a theory was circulated in the medias in approximately 48 hours after the crass (maybe even less)
 - in which the second black box (recording the plane sensors) was oddly enough missing and then miraculously recovered and found to of course confirm the main theory
 - in which the second pilot was considered guilty before any evidences were made public.
For example, we don't have the first the black box recordings published, even though that data was available all the time and it doesn't need an expert to understand it.
The only evidence we have seen is the velocity/altitude readings by a distant radar. 
We don't have the data from the second black box, we only know it is confirming the theory.

Instead, we know all the possible and impossible diseases of Andreas Lubic - starting with possible depression and vision impairments, statements of his ex(?)-girlfriend and neighbors that he was in top shape, but stopped eating pizza and also ex-instructor which claimed he maybe was prone to depressions (but otherwise, he was excellent pilot).
What we don't have is:
- Opinions of colleagues who had flown with him. This guy was a pilot, he didn't exist in separate universe, he worked and people knew him. How come nobody noticed any problems with him?
- How come the evaluators who gave him the license and the company who hired him didn't ever notice any deviations in his behavior?
- How come nobody of his friends has made any statement about who he was and what problems led to his depression?
- How come Facebook closed his page even before it was confirmed it was him. Why? Since when FB closes the pages of diseased people without a serious efforts by the relatives? Unless there were a terroristic claims on it?
- Most importantly, where is the missing fuel. This was the beginning of the flight, the plane was loaded with fuel. This fuel would have exploded like a bomb upon crashing in the mountain. It would have left some form of evidence, even in the rock - a crater with varying size, or just a trace of burnt rock, also debris following the explosion. There was nothing like this on the TV. Although I remember the Spanish TV using the term "pulverized". Which confirms there was an explosion, the question is where it happened. Was it in air (inconsistent with the current theory) or on ground (inconsistent with the published evidence). But hey, this fuel cannot just disappear!

Finally, the latest reports are that he searched "Suicide" and "Cabin door security" the days prior to the crash. I have a problem with this. Who researches "Suicide"? If you want to do it, you do it, you don't need to look for info in the internet. Especially if you plan to crash a plane, let's be honest, who knows more about flying and crashing planes than pilots?
Also "cabin door security", really? He was a pilot, don't you think he had excellent knowledge of how to close and open the cabin door? I mean, it is not a rocket science and I'm pretty sure all the pilots go trough in-depth instructions how to close and open the door.

I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. First we were made to believe the guy was handicapped, blind and mad /but otherwise perfectly fitting the requirements for a pilot/, now he's suicidal who doesn't even know how to suicide???

And how about some evidences? How come, the evidences from plane crashes are never public? What is in the black box recordings that needs to be kept a secret?And how is it possible, that the black box of MH17 is not YET read, but that of Germanwings were read in just couple of hours?

3. Media hysteria or media manipulation
Let's be honest, in the days after the crash, we were flooded in information. Everyday, all the media, told us about each and every detail of the people who lost their lives and also about the second pilot problems. /We never heard about the first pilot, though/. There were experts from all kind of areas explaining us why it was obvious that Lubic crashed the plane and it most definitely didn't explode in air or disintegrate. I agree, if it exploded, it was on very low altitude. But why would it do that? How?
And why the media don't care about proper and INDEPENDENT investigation?

4. What about the money?
According to what the Spanish TV was claiming, Lufthansa had to pay around 1 BILLION euro compensation to the families if it was found the crash was their fault. Yet, they deny any responsibility whatsoever.
Latest information is that the European Aviation Safety Agency made a number of critics after its last check on Germanwings and Lufthansa. Yet, they didn't fix the issues, they only responded. 
So my question is:
If the selection and control process for hiring pilots is faulty, whose fault is this? If the company failed to notice that their pilot had numerous health issues, whose fault is this? If the company didn't introduce the rule of the 2 people in the cockpit, whose fault is this? If the European Aviation Safety Agency didn't impose this rule (probably precisely because of big companies like Lufthansa), whose fault is this?

You can see on this video, there is an obvious problem with cockpit doors: it has an electronic switch which opens and closes the door and the only way to open the door in the case of electronic malfunction is FROM THE INSIDE. Which means, if the person inside gets incapacitated (stroke, choking with food or some kind of allergic shock) and the door malfunction, THERE IS NO WAY TO ENTER THE COCKPIT!
And this is the non-criminal variant of course. Or if the pilot outside forgets the emergency code. Or if the door just blocks for some kind of unknown reason. Or if the person insides wants to lock it.
From the video, it is clear that after you lock the door, it gets blocked for 5 minutes. So it is unclear to me, if you can open it even with the emergency code or it can be opened only from inside /which is what the video kind of hints/. Which means, that if the second pilot on error locked the door and then passed out, the first pilot maybe just couldn't enter! At least not until it was too late.

It is a speculation, but let's face it, the door is problematic and all kinds of situations could occur. And also, since there are absolutely no direct evidences published, we can only speculate. 

And in the meantime, if the problem was the pilot, the company, Lufthansa, doesn't need to pay full compensation. Even though, the relatives and their lawyers have no access to the evidences and basically, they know only what they've been told by the company and the prosecutors. Conflict of interests, anybody?

I'd like to remind you of AF447, the plane lost on 1 June 2009 on its way from Brazil to France. The official reason for the crash read technical problem and bad crew reaction. The compensations, however, were only ~18 000 euros per passenger.  Neither Air France, nor Airbus took responsibility for operating a defective plane, even though, this problem with the computer system of the plane was well known to the pilots. So basically, how can we believe the air companies or the prosecutors? It's all about the money, no matter how you look at it. Money to change plane's equipments, money for the relatives of the victims, money for research of new technologies. Why give them, when you can not give them?

5. Finally, after the crash, we saw 3 presidents gather and make public statements and vows to discover the truth. We saw politicians from all around the world sending condolences etc to Spain and Germany.
What about the tragedy in Kenya? 147 people  DEAD just 2 days before Easter. Why nobody cares about those young people who died in this terroristic act? Don't they deserve our condolences and sympathy. How hypocritical of us is to be sympathetic for dead Germans and Spaniards, but not to care about the people dead over (or in) Ukraine, Kenya, Niger, Syria, Yemen? Since when sympathy depends on the color of the skin? Because if it is about the number of victims, each of those places have at least as many victims. And unlike a possibly suicidal pilot, which we cannot really stop, we can stop (or try to) all the other conflicts and reduce victims there. Yet, we call the plane crash a tragedy (which it is), but we don't seem to care about all the other tragedies, which we call "casualties in a conflict".  How horrible is that?

In conclusion: I feel really affected and upset by Germanwings plane crash. Both because I fly a lot and also, because all those people who died and their relatives, they deserved better. But we need to ask the right questions. What could we have done better to prevent this? Who's responsible for not doing it? How can we enforce that party to act? How can we improve safety for everyone? And finally, why don't we mourn all the victims around the world, but only those who are close to us? Is this fair? Is this human?

P.S. An interesting analysis on the crash. It's quite long and somewhat conspiracy theory oriented, but still, it's very interesting (if we exclude some quite wild statements). But still the remote-capture technology seems to exists.
 And also, one interesting article called "La jerarquía de la muerte: por qué nos volcamos con Germanwings, pero nos olvidamos de Kenia"(The hierarchy of death: why we turn to Germanwings,but we forgot to Kenya).

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